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What is the Mathter Academy ?

The Mathter Academy is designed to be the most advanced math-learning program for kids aged 8 to 14. The purpose is to make learning fun and completely adapted to every kid thanks to adaptive learning technologies. Parents are kept in the loop thanks to a dedicated interface in which they can access to real time update on children’s performance

Our solution

Built on 4 pillars, Mathter Academy is designed to be the most advanced learning program in Math for kids aged 8 to 14

We are using the most advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence in order to build an adaptive learning program tailor-made for each student, based on their level, interest and attention span

We partner with worlwide experts in cognitive science, education methodologies and child psychology in order to design the right gamification approach for kids and raise their interest in math

The Best
We gather the best learning content from top Math learning programs in the world such as the Singapore Math Methodology.  We combine this with proven learning techniques such as the Pomodoro technique.

We keep parents in the loop via a dedicated interface. It provides you with real time update on your child’s performance and areas of improvement. We also offer live chat support with our teaching experts

The US system is showing important weaknesses in Math learning for kids

While studies highlight that in 2050, 80% of qualified jobs will require advanced knowledge in Mathematics.


The US ranking in Mathematics in the last PISA report


Students who do not have the minimum level in Mathematics required for their grade

Our technology

It’s working hand in hand with learning experts and highly qualified engineers that the Mathter Academy develops this innovative method that has already borne fruits in multiple Asiatic countries.

Daily Digest

Everyday, we suggest a unique daily workout thanks to adaptive learning technologies. This digest is completely personalized and adapted to your child’s needs in order to make homework even more efficient.


We use a gamified approach to make learning fun and easier. Our purpose is to value kids’ efforts through achievements in order to develop kids’ confidence with math.


Thanks to our parents’ interface, they can access to real time updates on their child’s performance. We steer parents to let them know when they should congratulate his efforts. This coaching make learning efficient as we are working hand in hand with parents.

Review exercises

Everyday, parents have access to all the exercises done. Each one with the answer of their child and the correction associated. Our adaptive learning technology associated with parents’ understanding create the perfect match to master Math easily and quickly.


We grant access to a live chat support with our teaching experts to coach parents or help them if they need to.

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